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Choosing the right Oil for your vehicle in Lethbridge

Differences between oil types Synthetic, Synthetic Blend, Conventional

Conventional oil 

Conventional oil is your old fashioned dinosaur oil that has been used for lubrication for many many years. Despite being older technology you can still walk  into any parts store or supermakert in Lethbridge and pick up a jug or two to finish your oil change. While typically being lower in cost compared to a synthetic or synthetic blend oil that is where the benefits end. 

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic Oil technology improved upon conventional oil in many ways, starting at the molecular level. Synthetic oils remove many of the impurities found in conventional engine motor oil. The molecular structure of the oil is pure and uniform providing better protection to your engine, better fuel economy, and a higher operating temperature limit. 

What about synthetic blends?

Synthetic blend engine motor oil has been introduced as a compromise between cost and the full benefits of Synthetic motor oil. Synthetic blend is exactly as it sounds a mixture of synthetic oils and conventional motor oils. A lower cost than synthetic but you don't get the full benefits of a full synthetic motor oil. 

What brands of oil are available at One Guy Garage - auto parts in Lethbridge?

In addition to making a choice between synthetic, synthetic blend, and conventional oils when doing an oil change in Lethbridge you also need to consider what brand of oil to go with. 

We have a large selection of brands to choose from at One Guy Garage - auto parts in Lethbridge. From economy brands to ultra premium we can get you set up with the Oil you need.

  1. Quality Automotive products - produced by Irving in Canada
  2. Mobil 1
  3. Shell including Rotella and Pennzoil
  4. Liqui Moly
  5. Royal purple 
  6. Amsoil
  7. Motul

Wow that's a lot of oil brands to choose from in Lethbridge, how do I choose?

Choosing the right oil for your vehicle starts with checking what Oil weight and specific oil requirements your vehicle has. The experts at One Guy Garage - auto parts in Lethbridge can help narrow down your choices. For your standard daily driver cars the everyday brands like Quality automotive products, shell, and Penzoil would fit the bill. If you are running a higher horsepower, modified, or hard driven car or truck then one of the premium brands might be better suited for you like Royal purple, Amsoil, or Motul. 

What about the rest of the items needed for an Oil Change?

One Guy Garage - auto parts in Lethbridge carries all of the tools, drain pans, and oil filters needed for you to complete your oil change. Come and see us in the store today and one of our friendly team members can help get you setup with everything you need. 

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