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Advantages of Quick Struts over regular strut replacement in Lethbridge

Hey Lethbridge Why buy an FCS Quick Strut over a Bare Strut? 


Cost Savings & Safety

When purchasing the individual components that make up a quick strut, they often exceed the cost of the pre-assembled unit. Smaller individual strut components are often non-stocking or special-order items. Which means added delays for you or your repair shop customer in Lethbridge if they are needed on top of your bare strut. 

In addition to the bare strut itself, a quick strut assembly includes: the upper strut mount, strut bumper and boot, spring seatinsulators, and coil spring. It adds the convenience of having all the parts and components you’ll need to install them right out of the boxNo specialized tools required! If you have ever seen a coil spring pop on you tube you know this can be a dangerous operation when replacing your strut in Lethbridge. 

Easy installation, cost and time efficiency makes this quick strut purchase a no brainer at One Guy Garage - auto parts in Lethbridge. 

FCS quick strut available at One Guy Garage - auto parts in Lethbridge Alberta

Maximum safety is achieved by having the coil spring already compressed for youFCS Strut Assemblies meet & exceed O.E. quality and is a world leading prime manufacturer of struts and shocks. All FCS quick strut units include Freudenberg NOK seals, a highly-polished chrome rod finish, and high-performance shock oil. They also provide consistent dampening over a wide range of temperatures which in turn leads to a quieter ride. There electrostatic coating provides optimal corrosion resistance and a lasting lifespan. 

The installation and replacement of quick struts improve steering, handling and braking ability. It also minimizes wear and tear on tires and other components. Each quick strut unit is compression & durability tested to ensure units meet OE specifications. FCS quick struts save on labor time. Which means a lower repair bill for you! And getting your vehicle back sooner or out into the customers hands. Decreased labor times for shops can leave room in the schedule for additional appointments, increasing your daily car count. 

Visit One Guy Garage, your Lethbridge and southern Alberta dealer to pick up your FCS quick strut today! 


A great warranty on Quick Struts in Lethbridge.

Warranty as follows: 

Limited Lifetime Warranty: FCS AUTOMOTIVE INTERNATIONAL warrants to the original end customer of its products that said products are free from defects in material and workmanship affecting form, fit, and function. This warranty shall remain in effect for as long as such original purchaser owns the vehicle on which they were originally installed. During this time, any claim alleging that any product fails to conform to the foregoing warranty may be made only by the customer who purchased such product and only while such customer owns such product. This warranty is non-transferable. This warranty has no cash value. FCS will exchange/replace any and all products which have met the provisions below and have been deemed defective by either FCS or an authorized dealer. This warranty does not apply to products which have: been modified or disassembled, have been improperly applied, have been installed on vehicles used for commercial or racing purposes, have been subjected to use outside of normal operating conditions or show signs of regular usand wear, but are not defective  

FCS quick struts and strut assemblies at One Guy Garage - auto parts in Lethbridge Southern Alberta