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One Guy Garage Auto Parts - Our Story

A Chevy C10 Truck build started it all

A Chevy C10 truck restoration build was the start of it all, gifted to me by my father who had purchased the truck new in 1980 this daily driver needed a ton of work. The standard rust on the cab corners and wheel wells had fully taken hold and needed repair, the frame rusty and looking worn needed a repaint, and the engine and transmission needed some performance upgrades and a fuel injection conversion to really make this truck new again. 

A vision begins to form - AN hoses and fittings

Seeking out affordable quality parts during this truck build meant doing lots of research and visiting many auto parts stores both in Lethbridge and Calgary Alberta to find the right parts at the right price. These visits often left more to be desired from the experience.

While visiting a local shop for some AN performance hoses and fittings we realized that the pricing of these types of products were astronomically high and we thought there has to be a better way to go about this type of product. It was around this time our Hot Rod fuel hose brand was formed, we researched and found manufacturers and did large enough bulk buys to create some awesome AN PTFE hose and fittings backed by a lifetime warranty that everyday guys can afford. Operating since 2017 in Lethbridge Alberta and servicing customers primarily in the United States and Canada Hot Rod fuel hose has become known as a quality supplier of AN hose and fittings. Hot Rod fuel hose is also available in our local store One Guy Garage - auto parts in Lethbridge Alberta Canada. 

The need for more auto and truck parts solidifies the next chapter.

With Hot Rod fuel hose growing at a fast pace and customers appreciating the level of service they receive from the team requests began to come in for a deeper catalogue of inventory. With this we started to realize that the auto parts marketplace was in desperate need for change and an improvement in service levels and technology was needed. Originally One Guy Garage was planned to only service the high performance customer but as we started to research and plan for this it became apparent that to provide a high level of service to customers we needed to have access to both aftermarket and performance products. 

The One Guy Garage - auto parts store construction begins

August of 2020 right in the middle of the corona virus pandemic we took possession of our new space. A small 3000 sq/ft bay in the industrial section of Lethbridge Alberta would become our home. Construction involved tearing down walls, flooring, new shelves, and painting to get the showroom ready for the community. 

We also were deep in negotiations to join a buying group to help us to provide the great pricing we know customers expect. One Guy Garage joined IDL distributors a member of Best Buy Distributors later that month and we began planning out what products to carry. 

Auto and Truck parts inventory starts to arrive

With the construction completed on the auto parts show room we moved onto placing orders for products and filling the shelves. With a half full showroom we started allowing customers to take sneak peaks into what was going on in this place and our first customer made a purchase on Sept 15th before the shelves were even full. 

What does the future hold for One Guy Garage auto parts

Almost to the date of our first anniversary we have nearly finished construction on an expansion. We have taken over the bay next door and have doubled our showroom and storage space and have moved into other product categories focusing on industrial and agriculture customers. Products like hydraulic hose and fittings, heavy duty filters, trailer and towing, pressure washers and more. 

We have expanded our e-commerce offering to allow customers to purchase and lookup auto parts on our website including shop online and pickup in store options. 

We have grown our team and added additional support and training to continue to improve our service. Including sponsoring our parts techs to become certified parts technicians. 

A huge thanks to Lethbridge 

The community of Lethbridge Alberta has been hugely supportive to us as we opened our store during a difficult time and we wanted to send a HUGE Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far. We look forward to providing great service to people across Canada soon!

One Guy Garage auto parts window sign in Lethbridge

Why are you called One Guy Garage?

Well in retrospect the name is a bit confusing as people think we do service work here, unfortunately we are just an auto and truck parts store. The name came from the initial truck build as we were just One Guy in the Garage working on the truck. We though this fit well with many of our customers who also work on their own projects in their own garages. 

Where is One Guy Garage - auto parts located?

One guy garage auto parts retail store is open at 3213 2 AVE N in Lethbridge Alberta. 

You can reach us by telephone at 403-388-4350

The store is open from 8:00 AM until 5:30PM Monday through Friday and open Saturdays 8:00A until 1:00PM. 

For orders outside of Lethbridge we ship from multiple warehouses including our store front location.